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Luminous is a walking simulator based on the theme of light. There is no light source except for the ball of light in your hand. 

The main objective of this game is to showcase the environment with the light mechanics, revealing the area slowly as the light bounces around the environment.

This was a collaborative work, with 2 people from Games Design (includes me) and 2 from 3D Animations. My participation for this group work was a type of faux gravity mechanic (was not implemented) and level design.

Light Mechanic:

Left Mouse Click will launch the ball of light in the direction that you are facing, splitting into 3 other balls.

Left Mouse Clicking again will stop them in their place

Right Mouse Click will recall the balls back into your hand

The balls will bounce off objects that it hits, changing the way the area is lit

- Enjoy the Game


Luminous EXE.zip 41 MB

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